Welcome to ORARIS

The particular partner for the training of your dog

With the newest methods and the latest knowledge we will train you and your dog to be a high-performance team.

With our experience as trainers in Switzerland and abroad we can offer you an individual concept which corresponds to your needs.

Our methods are always right for your particular dog.

Our services

In Switzerland, Europe and overseas

  • Individual training which corresponds to the needs of your dog
  • Assistance in finding the right dog for your needs
  • Education of your dog to be a sociable companion
  • Preperation of puppies for their future tasks
  • Help with solving all problems connected with your dog
  • Education of rescue dogs,rescue dog handlers and helpers
  • Private lessons and group lessons in your area
  • One day-, weekend- and one-week-training sessions
  • Education and mission of Mine & Explosive detection dogs (more infos, click here)
  • Seminar language: German and English