Your partners are:

Edi Bucher

Works his 4th mission ready rescue dog. He has played an active part in many missions,

both in Switzerland and elsewhere.

He was a rescue dog trainer in the Swiss Army for many years.

For more than 30 years he has successfully trained dogs for various duties in Switzerland and other countries.

In his dog training school he runs in private lessons or group lessons with dogs and handlers who want to pass any dog sport competition however, he also works with dog owners who want to have a pleasant companion.

Dog owners who have difficulties in communicating with theirs dogs feel at home with Edi Bucher.

Walter Habegger

took a diploma in animal psychology – specialization: dogs – at the Academy for Natural Animal Medicine in 1997. He works with a number of veterinary surgeons to detect, classify and, as far as possible, remedy problem behaviour in dogs. He also runs puppy play groups and takes care of puppy training.

His experience as an active dog trainer in the protection, search and rescue, and obedience categories and also as an assistant in the protection services together with constant advanced theoretical training, enable him to show you the right way to achieve your goals.